Going Home
- When can my baby go home?
- Preparing for discharge
- Transporting baby home
- Who will help at home?
- Adjusting to life outside
- Baby's health at home
- Feeding at home
- Follow up care
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Who will be able to help at home?

General Practitioner (GP)

You need to register your baby with your family doctor. He or she will be able to help with any health related problem, or refer you to other health professionals where needed.

Health Visitor

All families are allocated a health visitor when a new baby is born (not just those who have babies on neonatal units). They will monitor your baby's development including growth and development, immunisations and basic health checks. They are also a good source of information for advice on home safety and parenting skills.

Community Neonatal Nurse

Our Community Neonatal Nurse visits families who require support and advice where babies have ongoing medical needs (such as feeding issues or home oxygen).

Others members of the community team

You may also encounter physiotherapists, child development specialists and dieticians depending on your baby's particular needs. You will be given information before you take your baby home if these people will be involved in supporting you and your baby after discharge.