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Current Research on the Unit

The care that babies receive in neonatal units reflects years of reseach that have gone into the study of premature babies and their problems. Because of this, babies who, in the past may not have lived, are now surviving.

This research is just as important today. Studies are conducted over many hospitals, and here at Hillingdon we are proud to be involved in various research trials. You may be asked if your baby could become involved in a clinical study.

This may seem a little frightening when you baby is already receiving intensive or special care, however all studies are thoroughly reviewed by a Research Ethics Committee beforehand to ensure that no risk is posed to patients. If you decline to allow your baby to take part in a study, staff will fully understand and continue to give the best care possible.

Currently, Hillingdon neonatal unit is involved with two studies:




Many babies on the unit will receive antibiotics as part of their treatment. Most babies are not very ill so the antibiotics are stopped. However, some babies have serious infections and continue to be given antibiotics. It is possible that these babies may benefit from an extra medicine called intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG).

IVIG is a blood product which contains human antibodies, the molecules that fight infection in our bodies. IVIG is already used to treat babies and children who have immune problems, but it is not known whether it will help babies who have serious infections.

If you would like further information about INIS, please ask one of the nurses for a leaflet.


The Preterm Prebiotic Study

More information to follow shortly.