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About the Unit

Hillingdon Neonatal Unit is housed in the maternity building of the hospital. We can accomodate up to 18 babies at any one time, and babies are cared for in two main areas:

Intensive Care Nursery

Nearly all babies are admitted to Intensive Care at first, either because this is the level they require or because they need observation before moving to other nurseries.

Babies in this area need Intensive care or High Dependency care, and may be receiving respiratory support from a ventilator or CPAP machine (see glossary). They may be receiving intravenous infusions or require close observation.

Jasmine and Orchid Nurseries

Babies in these nurseries require High Dependency care, such as supplemental oxygen and intravenous infusions, or Special care such as a heated cot or feeding via nasogastric tube.

We also have two 'rooming-in rooms' on the unit. These are offered to parents so that they may stay on the unit when their babies do not need to be separated from them, or in special cirumstances, such as when mums are establishing breast-feeding, when babies are being discharged soon, or when babies are critically ill.